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Rank: Provost+
Online: 5 years ago
Joined: Apr 08, 2011
Nick Name: Pip
Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
I have 2 degus - Pumpernickel and Poppadom
I LOVE MATHS - It's just awesome
Dwarves are the best race. End of.
Forum Signature:
Longest Serving Member of the Wardens (or White Council, as I once knew it)
Guardsman Trumble Chimney, Provost, Wardens of the White Tree (level 70 Rank 3 Hunter)

Rumble (level 40 Champ),
Krumble, Brumble (31)and Strumble (25)
(also there's Briglo, a nice little hobbit, who has kindly lent our kin his house, find it at 3 Fountain Road, Ridgeborough - across the lake from our kinhouse)