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Trumble / Dec 18, 2012
- Read these rules. All of them. At least once.
- If anything is not covered by these rules, the guiding principle for interacting with people should be mature behaviour. Be polite, friendly and helpful.
- Be active. If you don‘t show-up for 50 days without giving a reason, you will be kicked from the kinship. Yes, we do that and over 8 weeks is very generous.
- Be active on the forum. To attain the status of Kinswoman/Kinsman, you must be registered on the forum.

The kinships's background emphasises the importance of civil virtues, and we expect our members to hold up to these standards. Be polite, helpful, and mediate when there are arguments. If you can do that without roleplaying - Congratulations.

- When dealing with kin members, assume the best, and be at your best behaviour. Nevertheless: Misunderstandings happen, people may have a bad day... deal with it like an adult.
- Unnecessary profanity, insults and any kind of racial or sexist slurs will not be tolerated.
- If you have a dispute with another guild member, try to deal with it privately. If you feel like you need help, ask a member of the kin or a provost you trust to mediate.
- As in real life: If you want to praise somebody, do it as publicly as possible, if you want to criticise, do it as privately as possible. Apologies should be as public as the preceding insults, and sincere apologies should be accepted.
- Please remember that as a member of the Wardens of the White Tree you represent your kinship. Be friendly and behave in a way that makes the game a better experience for everyone. If people behave like idiots, just leave. Don‘t engage in name-calling contests.
- Don't break any of Turbine's Rules


- All times are server times. Always. Even when you're British.
- If you sign up for something, be prepared. That means repaired, restocked and ready.
- Before beginning the event, make sure you have ample time for possible delays. If you are not sure if you can stay for the whole run, offer your place to someone else or at least inform your group members of the fact.
- Don't whine. The gods hate whiners. If something doesn't go the way you'd like it to, make constructive suggestions. or a joke.


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