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About the Wardens of the White tree

Trumble / Dec 18, 2012
The Wardens of the White Tree is a social light-medium role play kinship for mature (of mind) players on the Laurelin RP server. We try to make the game a fun experience for everyone by being helpful, friendly and understanding. We encourage our members to play their own style. The Wardens of the White Tree is a kinship for people with obligations in real life. Most of our members have regular jobs, are married or are parents. While we enjoy our time in Middle Earth, real life events will always have precedence. We have a focus on mid-game content, though we also cater for players at the endgame who wish to stay in our cosy environment :D
We are rank 10, and last October had our 2nd Birthday!

We run regular events such as Deed runs, Instances, RP and other stuff! More information can be found on the events and guild news pages.

We have a kinship house at 9 Chestnut Street, Ridgeborough, Breeland Homesteads as well as outbuildings close by (3 Fountain Road, Ridgeborough)

Again - if you have any questions then drop one of our Provosts a message. (Kin Master: Relgrim Provosts: Trumble, Iorangil and Edras)

Thanks, Trumble.


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